For the longest time I was trying to figure out why all these “tumblr famus” and then other random blogs have the same posts.  At first, using dare I say independed thought and reason, I thought the repetition was the same person.  Then I had to remind myself  how quickly and easily mediocrity can become the next trend in mob mentality.  So I learned to shudder off those *bad* independent thoughts and destroy reason, and finally through a lot of effort and retraining it all came to me at once: I get it!!!  That, sadly, all these blogs are not being manned by the same individual: THESE ARE MANY INDIVIDUALS FOLLOWING THE SAME TREND/FORM IN MASSE.  *Gasps*  Now I feel like I’m looking out upon a sea of stormtroopers ready and waiting for their next commands.   Am I next??  Or worse, have I already become a practicer of the dark arts without consciously realizing it, bc I mean, FINALLY I SEE IT NOW!!!